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The cure for burnout is… yoga?

Everyone wants to know how to overcome and avoid burnout in pharmacy. Numerous articles can be found that speak to the depth of the problem we face.  Some professional organizations like ASHP have recognized this threat to the profession as well. I’ve even written about my own experience in the past. But the last thing you need to hear when you’re feeling burnout is to practice yoga. The implication that all you need to start feeling better is a simple change that only takes ten to twenty minutes a day is insulting.

I’m not going to pretend that simply making a slight change in your life is going to meaningfully improve how you feel. What I can confidently say, is that if you are finished feeling helpless professionally or personally, you can get better. The Burnout Code goes beyond simply “thinking positive,” or practicing yoga to take a practical and effective method for taking back control of your personal and professional life.

Let’s commit to positive change in pharmacy

Throughout my journey in regaining my life and career, I learned the principles of a healthy professional and personal life. I have a solution. I’ve found the cure for burnout. I know the path to wellness. It encompasses coupling motivation with direction and actions that must be taken. But it fundamentally has to start with a commitment to change. But before you begin to set goals, the first thing you need to do is establish a vivid sense of why you are beginning this journey. This will be vital to your continued path to finally not feeling burnt out.

The Burnout Code is designed to be a practical guide to regaining your personal and professional life. It is the answer to how to overcome and avoid burnout in pharmacy. It is finally time to cure burnout once and for all.