ABAT Study Notes ABAT Study Notes

If this is all you study in preparation for the ABAT exam you will absolutely fail. Make no mistake, this is a difficult exam. Not impossible, but very difficult. The manner of its difficulty is not just in the breadth of topics, but the depth of knowledge required.

Consider how well you know acetaminophen toxicity. That is how well you should know sodium monofluoroacetate toxicity. And add to that an equal increase increment of magnitude for how well you must know acetaminophen toxicity. By no means should you take this as an exaggeration, I simply want to express the degree of dedication this exam commands. 

However, this should not deter you in the slightest. Toxicology is a lifetime study. We often reflect upon the paucity of robust clinical data and guidance on various therapies and interventions in toxicology. But because of this, we must firmly and extensively grasp fundamentals such that new studies can be designed, interpreted and acted upon in the clinical environment. The cognitive tools required to contribute to this specialty demand this ongoing study to become proficient in this field. Picture this credential as a mile marker along this journey; it’s not a starting post, and it certainly is no finish line. Depending on where you are on this spectrum, the ABAT exam may be a multiyear endeavor. I would include myself in that group. But I assure you, it is worth it.

Successfully completing the ABAT exam is simply one step in each individual’s journey. So I want to share my notes from my studying. This is not a comprehensive guide. Nor is this all I studied. It’s just what I wrote down and found either particularly pertinent to the exam or simply fascinating.

I hope this guide serves you as it served me. Similarly, I want to ensure the most up-to-date information. So if there are any modifications or changes you feel are necessary, please email me at craig@empharmd.com.

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