Chris Edwards, PharmD, BCPS (@emergencypharm), is an assistant professor with the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy and a clinical assistant professor with the University of Arizona College of Medicine, Department of Emergency Medicine.  After completing PGY1 and PGY2 residency training with the University of Arizona, Chris worked as a clinical pharmacist in the emergency department of Banner University Medical Center – Tucson (BUMCT) then as a senior manager of clinical pharmacy services with BUMCT before moving into a faculty role with the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy.  

As a faculty member, he maintains a clinical practice in the emergency department at BUMCT, coordinates a pharmacotherapeutics course for second-year pharmacy students, and researches pharmacy practice in emergency medicine.  Chris currently serves as a delegate to ASHP’s House of Delegates representing the state of Arizona, as Director at Large for the Arizona Pharmacy Association, and as vice-chair for ASHP’s Council on Education and Workforce Development.

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In this episode we covered:

  • BPS exam for EM puts EM on the same playing field as other specialties (crit care, transplant, amb care, etc). How do you see the BPS advancing the EM as a specialty?
  • Who is the EM exam for – everyone who is in EM, or is it meant to identify leaders in practice?
  • EM requires both cognitive skills and ‘hands-on’ skills. How can the exam be structured to capture both?
  • When can EM pharmacists anticipate being able to take the first exam?
  • Board Certification for Neuralink?

The petition to BPS can be found here