PNM#5 – Ashley and Brooke Barlow

PNM#5 Show Notes

I got a chance to speak with Ashley and Brooke Barlow (@theABofPharmaC).

They are currently PGY2 residents and are an absolutely essential follow on Twitter. I

n this episode, we covered essential pharmacy residency recruitment season changes we’re all facing in 2020. Advice from these professionals, who’ve already mastered social media, can help you not only get noticed during 2020 residency recruitment but also land the best possible residency for you.

Some of the points we touched on include:

-Seeking a residency in 2020

-Program Instagram accounts and virtual residencies

-Programs providing “answers” to the “normal” questions:

–What’s a residency day like?

–How do you interact with other providers?

–What’s a typical on-call schedule like?

-Social media CV

– How should you package social media professional activity?

-Jeff Cain link social media-based research (@DrJeffCain)

-Professional vs personal social media accounts

-Asking questions over making statements on medical social media