Pharmacy Near Me #3 – Mark McIntyre

I got to chat with Mark McIntyre about how to transition between specialties (EM to ID to anything else), what can prior pandemics teach us about this current pandemic, pharmacy education and practice across borders, ‘mid-career’ pharmacy practice, and career evolution, pharmacy dogmas like tetracyclines and tooth discoloration and so much more!

Mark McIntyre, Pharm.D, ACPR

Mark has been passionate about the role of antimicrobials in history, society, and healthcare
since pharmacy school. Prior to coming to Canada, Mark received his doctorate of pharmacy
from the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy at Rutgers University in the great garden state of
New Jersey. After immigrating to Canada, he completed his pharmacy residency at Mount Sinai
Hospital in Toronto and proceeded to work in the areas of emergency/critical care and infectious
disease. An avid Dad, cyclist, and nature lover, he is currently a pharmacotherapy specialist in
antimicrobial stewardship at the University Health Network in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

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