Why Syntopical Reading Matters To Medical Literature

Why Syntopical Reading Matters To Medical Literature The mark of a true subject matter expert is their in-depth knowledge of the literature pertaining to that subject. As these individuals will tell you their expertise is derived from years of reading and re-reading the content, then contemplating and challenging the assumptions and conclusions, and ultimately designing experimental models to test the robustness of the findings. It is important to recognize that the origins of their knowledge [...]

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Three Ways To Develop A Health Reading Practice

Three Ways To Develop A Health Reading Practice I believe it is a myth that medical professionals read medical literature casually. That is, with no purpose. They do not simply pick up The New England Journal and read cover-to-cover as if it were a novel. This fallacy, perpetrated by academic institutions is not a healthy nor effective way to keep your professional knowledge and skills up to par. So, that begs the question: how does [...]

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Three Rules For Critiquing Studies

Three rules for critiquing studies Modern evidence-based medicine fundamentally requires a continuous flow of new evidence. As obvious statements go, it’s still a reflection on our healthcare practice today. But with thousands of new articles published on a monthly basis, the task of simply keeping up on the literature can quickly become overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to. Although not specifically about how to read a scientific paper, “How To Read A Book” can teach [...]

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