COVID Is Our Enemy

The threat of COVID has penetrated every aspect of our lives. Despite reading, learning, and understanding as much as you can, rational actions are supplanted by irrational behavior. For every precaution taken in every-day life, there is someone else in the community who’s ignoring safety recommendations and putting us, our family and our co-workers at risk. Observing these actions, reading these opinions and hearing incomplete information we become frustrated and angry because many just don’t seem to be heeding any sound advice at all. This inescapable onslaught of incomplete stories and one-sided narratives breeds contempt. Because of this consuming hatred, we lose focus on the problem at hand and become transfixed on fixing opinions or correcting an analysis. All the while millions suffer, thousands die. All because we aren’t remembering the lessons we’ve all learned.

That’s right.

You’ve heard this all before. I guarantee that in some form or another, from religion to cinema to everyday life, something along these lines has been taught to you:

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

The dark side is powerful. It’s not something from fiction- as many would dismiss it to be.

The dark side is seductive. How easy is it to fall into an internet echo chamber where we surround ourselves with only opinions we agree with internally.

The dark side is deceptive. Fighting misinformation has the illusion of productivity. In reality, it only allows for further strengthening one’s opinion.

How many of us knew all of this, yet fell into this trap? I for one, am guilty of it. The danger none of us was prepared for in this war was losing who we are. Easily forgotten are our thoughts and problem-solving ability when we are at peace. We aren’t at war with a virus. We’re at war with ourselves. As easy as it seems to be consumed by it, learning how to overcome it is simple. It must be.

What are we supposed to do, just become flippantly positive? How do we try to be positive all the time? No, you can’t try – in just trying there’s no self-sacrifice. You can’t pretend either – that’s dishonest. Other’s cannot be depended on because of what this has already done to them – have compassion.

In these times where we’re all desperate for more information to guide us, we’re all tempted by the power of swiftness of knowledge. Even when this desire is to do good. The only way we can do good is by allowing more knowledge to light our way. Practicing tolerance and understanding when we’re confronted with frustration – recognizing because of fear. The only way to resolve fear is to maintain focus on the common enemy – the virus.

COVID Is Our Enemy


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