How I improved my reading efficiency

Listen, I know it sounds crazy and like a cheap salesperson at a mall kiosk. But one thing I attribute to my success studying for the ABAT exam, as well as just making reading enjoyable again, was I learned how to speed read.

If you’re still with me, I’d love to share with you how I learned this skill. But as I emphasize, approach this skill with an open mind and try to remove biases and misconceptions you may have had to what speed reading really is. Furthermore, speed reading is a poor term for this skill, which would be better described as skimming.

It took me a short period of time to increase my reading efficiency by 200-300%. There are important differences with scientific reading compared to casual reading. Most importantly, the necessity to re-read critical information at a much more deliberate pace. Even considering this, my reading efficiency has still vastly improved and allowed me to consume more information than at any other point in my professional career.


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