Atrial Fibrillation and Ibrutinib

Atrial Fibrillation and Ibrutinib We often fear what we do not understand. I fear oncology. Call it bad experiences, call it the realities of pharmacy school, but oncology has always been an area I’ve actively avoided. I’ve taken detours around the subject so much so that it was a key component that a made sure to not be a core rotation in the PGY1 programs I considered. But the time has come for me to [...]

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Seeking Connection

Seeking Connection: Short term or long term? The day to day responsibilities of any clinical pharmacist can make it hard to know what day it is. What I mean is that the day-to-day activities of direct clinical activities can become repetitive. Over the course of early-career where every patient case is totally exciting, this shifts to patterns of recognition and a feeling of “hey, I’ve seen this before.” As the experience continues to grow and [...]

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Paralytics are not sedatives

Paralytics are not sedatives “All subjects were responsive to questioning during the experiment, reported that they were completely aware and felt neither drowsy nor confused. The arithmetic questions were answered with 96% accuracy. Two subjects in the suxamethonium arm were not given memory tests, one because of ongoing difficulties with face-mask ventilation and a short duration of neuromuscular block, and the other because of an oversight. The memory stories were recalled with 94% accuracy. One [...]

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The Day I Met The RB7

The Day I Met The RB7 Committing to wellness, I want to continue to write about other passions in my life. While yes, pharmacy and toxicology are cool, my hope is that by sharing other interests outside of that world can help us all in terms of “wellness.” Whether it reminds us we’re all human, establishes other connections, or just happens to be a mental escape from work, I believe exploring these topics will introduce [...]

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The Ultimate Residency Interview Guide

For a limited time, I am offering The Ultimate Residency Interview Guide which would normally cost $22.00 for FREE! Click HERE to download your copy. The Ultimate Residency Interview Guide Interview: How to prepare for and perform at the highest level on any pharmacy residency interview Deciding to seek additional training and complete at least one year of residency is a wise choice. While many considerations are taken into account,  it really just comes down [...]

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Phase Two of the Match

Phase Two of the Match, Oh how the tables have turned Interview season for pharmacy residencies is busy and stressful for all parties involved. Hopeful P4s are interviewing their hearts out for coveted positions at residency programs with names you’d recognize. With the disproportionate number of candidates to positions available, the advantage is with the programs. Many can be choosy, bordering exclusive. But after the chaos settles down and the phase 1 match results are [...]

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Pharmacy Residency Questions You Should Ask

Pharmacy Residency Questions You Should Ask The pharmacy residency interview season is upon us. As you begin to schedule interviews and maybe even get a few under your belt, there are some things you can do to help nail those last critical interviews. One key performance element of an interview is how well you ask questions of the program. While it can be hard to know what a good question is, the best rule of [...]

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How I improved my reading efficiency

How I improved my reading efficiency Listen, I know it sounds crazy and like a cheap salesperson at a mall kiosk. But one thing I attribute to my success studying for the ABAT exam, as well as just making reading enjoyable again, was I learned how to speed read. If you're still with me, I'd love to share with you how I learned this skill. But as I emphasize, approach this skill with an open [...]

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ABAT Exam Study Guide

ABAT Exam Study Guide ASHP Midyear 2009, I sat in a PPS interview booth pursuing my future. With each 30 minute block, I was searching for the emergency medicine residency program that was foolish enough to rank me high. As lucky as I was to have landed a position, there’s one vivid memory I still carry with me from those interviews. It was in a meeting with a big name program where the representative asked [...]

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