Do you think we should use Vitamin C + Thiamine + Hydrocortisone in sepsis?

Welcome to the EM PharmD podcast! In this episode, I’ll breakdown the recent VITAMINS trial published in JAMA.

The question has been on everyone’s mind – should septic patients get Vitamin C?

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VITAMINS trial Secondary Outcome:

  • 28-day mortality 90-day mortality
  • The proportion of patients who had died to ICU discharge
  • The proportion of patients who had died to hospital discharge
  • 28-day cumulative vasopressor-free days
  • 28-day mechanical ventilation-free days
  • 28-day renal replacement therapy-free days
  • The change in SOFA score from baseline score measured at randomization to the score at Day 3
  • The number of days alive and free of ICU from randomization to 90 days
  • Hospital length of stay

The VITAMINS Trial – EM PharmD Podcast