ESETT – EM PharmD Podcast Episode 2

ESETT - EM PharmD Podcast Episode 2 ESETT: A response-adaptive comparative effectiveness study of patients with generalized convulsive seizures not responding to initial benzos at 57 hospital emergency departments across the United States.    After sub-optimal but real-world relevant benzodiazepine dose patients who were still seizing were randomized to receive: Levetiracetam 60 mg/kg (Up to 4500mg) Valproate 40 mg/kg (Up to 3000mg) Fosphenytoin 20 mg/kg (Up to 1500mg)   The primary outcome was the absence [...]

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Anavip versus Crofab – The ultimate debate

Anavip versus Crofab - The ultimate debate. You may think this only applies to folks in the south, but there are venomous snakes in every state. Having at least a basic knowledge of antivenoms can be incredibly useful information. Over the past few months I've been working with Jami Johnson and Shari Clifton on a comprehensive review of North American Pit Viper antivenins. And its finally published! Review of North American pit viper antivenoms Although [...]

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Screw up Kcentra reconstitution?

Screw up Kcentra reconstitution? Yea, I do it too. Kcentra, our beloved four-factor prothrombin complex concentrate comes packaged as a lyophilized powder from the manufacturer. When needed, it is reconstituted with its accompanying diluent and handy-dandy transfer device. Then, the transfer device becomes a port to withdraw the now reconstituted drug from and either into an empty bag, or syringe for administration. In real life, that process can sometimes go awry. Or you could just [...]

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The Vitamins Trial – EM PharmD Podcast

  Do you think we should use Vitamin C + Thiamine + Hydrocortisone in sepsis? Welcome to the EM PharmD podcast! In this episode, I'll breakdown the recent VITAMINS trial published in JAMA. The question has been on everyone's mind - should septic patients get Vitamin C? Have questions or comments? Email me at Don't forget to check for new updates and the latest information about everything emergency medicine. Follow me on Twitter [...]

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Tyler Perry’s Colchicine Part 2

Tyler Perry's Colchicine Part 2 In a previous post, I discussed the use of colchicine following acute MI in the COLCOT study. Leading up to the discussion, I briefly touched on the pharmacology of colchicine. But since this drug is so unique and fascinating, particularly with regards to its toxicology, I wanted to have a separate post to discuss just that. It often seems as though the interest in a given xenobiotic is proportional to [...]

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COLCOT- Colchicine for acute myocardial infarction

COLCOT- Colchicine for acute myocardial infarction If you started to practice after 2011, you likely have no experience with colchicine. Before the FDA began its unapproved drug initiative in 2006 which sought formal regulatory review of medications that previously fell under “grandfather” laws. Since colchicine was available prior to the 1938 Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, it was never required to establish safety and efficacy for FDA approved indications.[1,2] The goal of this FDA program [...]

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Is metformin the fountain of youth?

Is metformin the fountain of youth? Growing up, I was an avid listener of Paul Harvey. My parents would turn on the radio every morning so I could listen to “the rest of the story.” I would eat my breakfast on the floor, sitting in front of the radio- as if by sitting closer would bring me closer to the story. Each time I click onto the Apple Podcast app and open my preferred non-medical [...]

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