Anavip: is the juice worth the squeeze?

  Authors: Scott Dietrich, PharmD, BCCCP, @PCC_PharmD Ryan Rogoszewski, PharmD, BCCCP, @RyanRogoPharmD Craig Cocchio, PharmD, BCPS, DABAT, @iEMPharmD Background  Over 5,000 snakebites are reported to US poison centers each year.[1] The vast majority of snakebites in the US result from the Viperidae (aka “pit viper”) family of snakes. The sub-family most commonly found in the US includes the Crotalids which are made up of rattlesnakes, Cottonmouths (water moccasins), and Copperheads. Crotalide snake venom contains upwards [...]

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The Argument for BPS Certification of EM Pharmacists

The Argument for BPS Certification of EM Pharmacists: Looking forward, not back.  EM Pharmacists are indispensable assets to modern healthcare. This petition for EM recognition by BPS is an anthology of the amazing efforts of EM pharmacists that have transformed emergency care. Each pharmacist innovating practice in EDs has established high levels of care, earned recognition on merit, and has been regarded in the medical community as experts. They have accomplished these feats despite board [...]

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Reapplying To Pharmacy Residencies

Didn’t match last year and are reapplying to pharmacy residencies? Use your experience to your advantage and don’t forget to lean on your friends. There’s no secret that if you want to work in a hospital setting, you need to have at least a PGY1 residency. The job market is simply too competitive in most urban settings, that one additional year of training will get your foot in the door. Unfortunately, the odds are simply [...]

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5 things to know before going into a PGY2 interview

5 things to know before going into a PGY2 interview Midway through you’re PGY1 year and you’re in it to win it. That’s right, you’re going for a PGY2. It’s not so much that you’re a glutton for punishment, but you know a PGY2 will increase your chances of getting the job you want. Particularly knowing that the job market for pharmacists is already competitive, this next-level training will help you emerge from the crowd. [...]

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Reddit AMA – I’m a PGY-2 RPD Part 2

Reddit AMA - I'm a PGY-2 RPD Part 2 For a recap, here's Part 1 Recently on Reddit, I conducted an “ask me anything” conversation on the r/pharmacyresidency community. The inspiration behind the AMA was simply to help residency hopefuls feel more comfortable in the upcoming recruitment season. There were a number of individuals who asked questions and I wanted to share some of the top questions and answers provided. Before going further, I do [...]

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