I Have Andexxa Issues, 2: A Formulary Toolkit

I Have Andexxa Issues, 2: A Formulary Toolkit, a guest post by Zahra Nasrazadani, PharmD, BCPS. Dr. Nasrazadani is an Emergency Medicine Clinical Pharmacist at Salina Regional Health Center. A few months ago, Kristina Kipp wrote her inaugural EMCrit article enumerating her (extremely justified) concerns with the data we had available at the time regarding andexanet alfa…or should I say “coagulation factor Xa (recombinant), inactivated-zhzo”(1)? Since then—and in a somewhat perverse order of operations—the drug has been [...]

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Dose Banding for Pediatric Medications

Why is dose banding for pediatric medications important? If you go to any medication aisle of a store, you can find a wide selection of medications for pediatric patients. Everything from analgesics, cough and cold medications, and agents for gastrointestinal relief. Being a new parent myself, in learning the many ins and outs of infanthood, I did notice something that struck me as rather interesting, perhaps because of my background as an emergency medicine pharmacist, [...]

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