BCPS Study Guide and Statistics

In pharmacy school, there were times where mountains of material coincided with a flurry of exams. Such extreme circumstances called for masterclass test-taking skills. For example, when a hundred-page packet would account for 10 questions on an exam, and a 20-page packet also accounting for 10 questions, the logical studying strategy would focus on maximizing the number of points from the lower quantity material. Fast forward a decade after these exams and I found myself [...]

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BCPS Recertification From High-Yield Med Reviews

I’ve always been a huge fan of stand up comedy. For the longest time, I admired the ability of comedians to be able to speak so conversationally, and naturally while being hilarious. Over time, I’ve come to learn that some of my favorite comedians (Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Gaffigan, Tom Papa) extensively plan out every minute detail of their jokes, practice like crazy and never stop trying to improve. The grand illusion that most professional comedians [...]

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