Amiodarone: Push It Push It Real Good

Amiodarone is one of the most pimpable drugs for pharmacy residents/students. From its pharmacology to excipients, there are so many nuances, important points, and pharmacy trivia. In terms of administration, we’re all taught to dilute and filter while administering amiodarone intravenously. In almost all circumstances, this is referring to the administration of amiodarone to patients with a pulse. But when we’re at the bedside of a patient with pulseless ventricular tachycardia or fibrillation (pVT/VF) the [...]

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Quick and Dirty Review of Linezolid

Quick and Dirty Review of Linezolid is a guest post by Scott Dietrich, PharmD. Drug shortages and intravenous fluid shortages are reaching critical mass. Pharmacotherapeutic decisions are being forced, and unusual therapeutic strategies are being implemented. One of these scenarios is the substitution of vancomycin for linezolid for empiric treatment of various infectious disease indications. While a detailed therapeutic review would be more fitting for general practice, the Bizzaro world of drug shortages is anything [...]

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A closer look at the pharmacology of Giapreza

Let's take a closer look at the pharmacology of Giapreza. Angiotensin-II (Ang2) is now an FDA approved vasopressor. With this new addition to the available options, experts are combing over the available literature to determine whether or not to incorporate it into their daily practice. The ATHOS-3 trial has demonstrated that Ang2 is, at minimum, safe and effective when added to norepinephrine (or another similarly dosed vasopressor).1 While this trial should be critically appraised, and [...]

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