FTFY: Prothrombin Complex Concentrate

Just going to go ahead and FTFY: Prothrombin Complex Concentrate. The last post on EMPharmD concerning fixed-dose Kcentra was way back in June, 2015 and discussed a newly published article by Klein et al. examining 1500 units of 4-factor prothrombin complex concentrate (4PCC) for warfarin reversal.(1)  Since that post, only one additional article has been published regarding fixed-dose 4PCC, and unfortunately, Abdoellakhan et al. only used 1000 units per dose as part of their protocol. [...]

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Reverse anticoagulation for rt-PA in stroke

In the process of caring for patients suffering from acute ischemic stroke (AIS), a cognitive bias shifts the focus of our typical approach to drug therapy selection. Rather than approach a problem and determine whether a drug is going to help, in the case of alteplase for AIS, we often look for reasons not to give this drug (contraindications) and fail to ask whether the given patient will benefit. Fewer still will ask, what is [...]

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