What I Bring When Attending A Code

Pharmacists have been shown to improve adherence to advanced cardiovascular life support (ACLS) guidelines (1,2), and pharmacist involvement adds instant drug expertise during intense situations. Not to mention, the multidisciplinary team wants us there at the bedside. Nurses and providers surveyed have overwhelmingly (97%) believed that having a pharmacist present during a medical resuscitation enhances… Read More

TXA Isn’t For Everyone: Fibrinolysis Shutdown in Traumatically Injured Patients

Tranexamic acid (TXA), an antifibrinolytic agent used to prevent clot breakdown in hemorrhaging trauma patients, has been shown in the CRASH-2, MATTERS, and PED-TRAX trials to reduce overall mortality in adult and pediatric patients.1-3 Additional mortality benefits were seen in the MATTERS trial among patients who received a massive transfusion protocol (MTP) with a number… Read More