Simplify Treatment of the SSTI

Simplify Treatment of the SSTI is a guest post by Grace Benanti, PharmD (@gracebenanti) In 2010, skin and soft tissue infections (SSTIs) accounted for approximately 4.2 million emergency department visits (1). With such a bread-and-butter emergency medicine encounter, one might not give a second thought as to whether the standard dosing is less than ideal. However, the nuance of appropriate pharmacokinetic dosing that drug references omit may be the more ideal approach. The most appropriate [...]

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Euglycemic DKA from SGLT2 Inhibitors

Let's talk about euglycemic DKA from SGLT2 inhibitors. Diabetic ketoacidosis in patients with presenting serum blood glucose less than 200 is not common. Particularly when practicing in the Bible/Diabetes belt of the United States. This euglycemic DKA (euDKA) is more often associated in patients with type 1 diabetes in conjunction with starvation and acute illness.[1] It's difficult to determine an incidence of euglycemic serum glucose among all DKA cases in the literature given the migration [...]

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