Goog Guy Rocuronium

As if you needed another reason to like rocuronium. I’m certain many of you are aware of this neat trick but I just discovered it while restocking the RSI kit.

Good guy rocuronium wants you to reduce medication errors by labeling your syringes!

Take a look: on this particular manufacturer’s vial the label has an arrow in the top right corner of the orange area. Until literally 5 minutes ago, I thought it was nothing. But it actually peals off to be used as a label for a syringe!

Other medications have similar labels (like fentanyl), but few paralytics have these labels affixed to the vial itself. Certainly in the natural environment of the ED in a RSI setting, having appropriate labeling isn’t always a priority (as much as it should be). However, this can serve as a handy identifier to remove confusion and prevent errors.
Happy new year!
med safety

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