A Leap of Faith: My Clinical Sabbatical in Pediatric Pharmacy

When we reach the end of any year, it is generally a time for personal reflection. We reflect on major milestones that we have achieved, which includes moments that have defined us as well as moments that may have temporarily broken us, but we managed to pick ourselves up and keep running. During these times, we set out to accomplish any list of goals for the coming year, knowing in the back of our minds [...]

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Sugammadex revisited

Sugammadex revisited Sugammadex (I call it Suggs) is a selective muscle relaxant-binding agent. As a result of its chemical structure, modified cyclodextrin compound with a hydrophilic outer surface and a lipophilic central cavity, sugammadex encapsulate both rocuronium and vecuronium.  This encapsulation creates a concentration gradient by which rocuronium or vecuronium leaves the neuromuscular junction for the plasma and then subsequently bound by sugammadex (think DigiFab).  The result is a dramatically shortened duration of effect of [...]

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