Inspiring Change Through Social Media: Our Moral Responsibility in 140 Characters or Less

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending the North American Congress of Clinical Toxicology (NACCT). This is the annual conference of the American Academy of Clinical Toxicology (AACT), a multidisciplinary organization focused on all things related to treatment and management of toxins, and offers plenty of opportunities for education and research… Read More

Magnesium as a Pre-Treatment Measure for Rapid Sequence Intubation?

Up until relatively recently, the concept of pre-treatment medications for rapid sequence intubation has remained uncontested. The acronym “LOAD” has often been proposed as a simple way to remember and apply this concept in clinical practice – lidocaine, opioids, atropine, and defasciculating doses of neuromuscular blocking agents. While most of these (classes) of agents have… Read More