Under the Magnifying Glass: Pharmacy Education

Under the Magnifying Glass: Pharmacy Education Medical education is currently undergoing a period of transition. The idea that the current system in place in the way we educate students needs improvement is catching on. Whether some folks like it (or not), the "traditional" ways in which we educate students is simply not working. Hours of homework, long lectures in the didactic setting, and memorizing information only to be regurgitated for the purposes of an examination...how [...]

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Dangers of Sodium Nitroprusside

A Closer Look at the Dangers of Sodium Nitroprusside Many clinicians in institutions across the country are still struggling with the after-effects of the IV nitroglycerin (NTG) shortage and are seeking alternative treatment options. We provided an extensive review of a number of agents that can be used as alternatives to IV NTG: topical NTG paste (with a dose conversion from IV NTG to inches of paste), nesiritide, and nicardipine. However, there was one agent [...]

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