Pharmacy Education and Millennials

Pharmacy Education and Millennials Over the holiday, I began reading one of the William Osler biographies. While reading his inspiring and influential journey, which to this day continues to guide and lead others, I paused to reflect on my own profession. Although I’m searching for the pharmacy equivalent to such influential figures in medicine, our education methods are far more interesting. Though books and lectures were a component of the late 19th century and early [...]

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Tale of the Comeback Kid: Procainamide in the ED

Tale of the Comeback Kid: Procainamide in the ED It seems as though the traditional "go-to" management of atrial fibrillation in the setting of rapid ventricular response in the emergency department involves rate control and anticoagulation. Can we break this tradition and consider alternative therapeutic management in certain subpopulations of patients with dysrhythmias? Recently, there has been some discussion regarding the use of rhythm control for new-onset atrial fibrillation, particularly procainamide, which used to be [...]

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Alternative routes of administration for STEMI

Alternative routes of administration for STEMI Here is my attempt at a trick of the trade. This one is focused on the intubated STEMI patient in whom the EMS crew couldn’t get the 324mg of aspirin on board, and the cardiologist wants to load with clopidogrel 600mg as well as atorvastatin 80mg. Provided we can drop an OG tube before the patient gets sent to the cath-lab, this is how we get the meds into [...]

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Thrombolytic Therapy for massive PE in the Pregnant Patient

Mama Knows Best: Thrombolytic Therapy for massive PE in the Pregnant Patient My residency program director once made the following statement: "Pregnancy is the worst STD that anyone can get." At the time, I laughed when he said this, and I asked him to clarify this somewhat startling observation. We then had a brief discussion and came to the conclusion that pregnancy is associated with many comorbidities that otherwise would not typically occur in the [...]

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Culture follow-up and outpatient antibiogram

Culture follow-up and outpatient antibiogram As I was preparing a post discussing antimicrobial double coverage, I was describing the utility of a hospital antibiogram in aiding in the selection empiric therapy.  Let’s just say I’m glad I have had teachers and mentors whose favorite question was “why.”  While trying to answer that simple question, I came across this article from 2007 [1] that did an excellent job describing the limitations of antibiograms. Although I was [...]

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Glucagon for Asthma Exacerbation

Glucagon for Asthma Exacerbation Let us say you have a patient, SH, who presents to the emergency department with the following chief complaint: "It's happening again- I just need to be intubated." This seems to be more than a little interesting and you think to yourself, "What the heck? Let me check this out." You then begin to recall that the patient looks a little familiar to you. In fact, SH has been to the [...]

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Low vs Standard Dose Diltiazem

Low vs Standard Dose Diltiazem. A few days ago I read a few tweets about evidence versus eminence-based medicine and the ensuing discussions.  I started to think of a number of examples of eminence based medicine I practice; but not out of old habits, or limited knowledge – but because there’s simply a lack of evidence. Diltiazem dosing for AFIB rate control was one of them.  So sayeth the drug reference; the initial weight-based diltiazem [...]

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