Vancomycin Loading Dose In The ED

Vancomycin dosing in EDs has been on a journey from “a gram” for everyone towards a weight based dosing scheme.  This shift has been driven by a number of sources, but namely by the Infectious Disease Society of America, American Society of Health-System Pharmacists and Society of Infectious Disease Pharmacists’ (IDSA/ASHP/SIDP) guideline recommendations for vancomycin… Read More

Silibinin for Amatoxin Poisoning: Preventing the Last [Thanksgiving] Supper?

Ingestion of cyclopeptide mushrooms can lead to irreversible hepatotoxicity that may potentially be life-threatening. The mechanism by which hepatotoxicity occurs is through the activity of α-amanitin, which is taken up by hepatocytes and inhibits DNA-dependent RNA polymerase II, preventing DNA transcription into mRNA, which consequently halts the process of protein production. This causes injury of… Read More