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Howdy y'all! As part of our continued partnership with High-Yield Med Reviews, I'm excited to share with you a huge give-away! I'm offering two FREE packages for the NAPLEX or the BCCCP exams.  Here's the catch: you have to write a post for the blog. The post could be about anything relevant to pharmacy (not just EM), and could be any length (one paragraph to a ten thousand word rant). For each package, the post with [...]

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The coagulation cascade, at least the way I learned it in pharmacy school, needs to be burned. The next time you’re looking at an adaptation of this pathway, point out the platelet. If you can’t, don’t continue to read that source. 66 year old male being discharged from the ED with diagnosis of DVT. Will be started on oral anticoagulation, and followed in clinic. Which DOAC is preferred and should there be any bridge with [...]

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