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Liberal Changes to rt-PA Contraindications for Acute Ischemic Stroke

Flying in under the radar recently were the changes to the Alteplase (rt-PA) prescribing information. These changes pertain to the contraindications to use of the drug in acute ischemic stroke. It's hard to find anything on the particulars about why the FDA authorized such changes, and more puzzlingly, why.The updated contraindications now read as follows: LinkDo not administer Activase to treat acute ischemic stroke in the following situations in which the risk of bleeding is [...]

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Advice to Future Residents From the Ghost of a Skeptical Student’s Past

When I began pharmacy school several years ago the thought of pursuing a residency wasn’t even on the radar. Like most other students at the time, I had a community pharmacy background and when the topic of post-graduate education was introduced I questioned its utility. I asked the important questions. Do I see myself working in a clinical setting? Is the extra year(s) of work and countless projects really worth it? Seriously you guys, who [...]

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