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Pharmaceutical education: Are we THAT far behind?… Yea pretty much.

I watched TRON over the weekend (yes, both the original and re-boot). If you’re familiar with the story, TRON was born in technology and “fights for the User.” I feel that the community of FOAM is taking on the role of TRON, and is fighting for the User/consumer/student of medical education. Often times, we are quite literally fighting (albeit minus a light cycle).It’s pretty easy now to get a colleague in the emergency department (pharmacist, [...]

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Historical Articles in Emergency Medicine Pharmacy

Within our respective specialties, we often set our sights to new beginnings and adventures. With the passage of the resolution 44 by the American College of Emergency Physicians this past October and a recent post written by Bryan Hayes (@PharmERToxGuy) on Academic Life in Emergency Medicine describing in detail the training of EM pharmacists, I have been contemplating the general progression of the initiation and establishment of emergency medicine pharmacy, with ideas mainly surrounding the theme of "Where [...]

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