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Taking Conference Tweeting to the Next Level: From the Speaker’s Perspective

Live conference tweeting has grown to become quite commonplace in recent years. Conference organizers will often designate a specific hashtag for enhanced and engaged communication among attendees and non-attendees alike during the day(s) of the conference. Some of the basic concepts related to live conference tweeting have been discussed by Nikita Joshi (@njoshi8) and Bryan Hayes (@PharmERToxGuy) on the Academic Life in Emergency Medicine blog, and Rob Rogers (@EM_Educator) hosted a pro-con debate related to [...]

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EMPOWER Episode 5 – Global Pharmacy Practice: Comparisons of USA versus Canada

In this episode of what will hopefully become a series covering topics related to global pharmacy practice, we have featured Mark McIntyre, an EM pharmacist who practices at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.Listen to the podcast by clicking the link below (link available on iTunes here):EMPOWER Episode 5 - Global Pharmacy Practice: Comparisons of USA versus CanadaShow Notes: Time Topic 0:00-0:26 Musical Introduction 0:26-3:09 Introduction to episode featuring Mark McIntyre, PharmD 3:10 Culture [...]

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