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Ramadan and Emergency Medicine: An Inside Look

I am generally pretty good about not letting my personal life affect my work environment. As we all know, the combination is not usually a great one, especially if things occurring your personal life impact your approach to work, your attitude with others that you are working with, and the work being produced. However, once a year, without fail, the creep of my personal life into my work and professional life occurs. No matter how [...]

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EMPOWER Podcast Episode 2 – Counting Stars, Not Dollars: EMP Interventions

Listen to the podcast by clicking on the link below (listen to iTunes here): Episode 2: Counting Stars, Not Dollars: EMP Interventions Show Notes: From the ASHP Guidelines on Emergency Medicine Pharmacy Services (my emphasis in bold): Research on pharmacist interventions in the inpatient setting has demonstrated improvement in patient outcomes through optimized pharmacotherapy regimens, improved monitoring of medication therapy, and avoidance of adverse medication events. In addition, pharmacist participation in patient care has been shown to significantly reduce the costs associated with [...]

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