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Kcentra Administration, Revisited

In an earlier post, the nuances associated with the administration of Kcentra was discussed. One point of contingency was associated with the dilution and rate of infusion of Kcentra. The package insert provides the following information with regards to the rate of administration: "Administer by intravenous infusion at a rate of 0.12 mL/kg/min (approximately 3 units/kg/min) up to a maximum rate of 8.4 mL/min (approximately 210 units/min)." The package insert also provides additional information with [...]

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Paging Goldilocks to the ER: Acute Pain Management in the Emergency Department, Part II

In an earlier post, I discussed some of the nuances associated with the administration of opioid analgesics (particularly morphine and hydromorphone) in the emergency department. This post will review some of the studies that have been recently conducted to evaluate the safety and efficacy of these agents for acute pain management in patients who present to the emergency department.  Hydromorphone:Chang AK et al.; Ann Emerg Med 2013: This was a prospective study that evaluated the safety and [...]

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