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Kcentra Trial Review

Very quietly, an article that many EM clinicians have been waiting for was recently e-published in the journal Circulation and with no fanfare and no fancy acronym in the title. I am referring to the new [to the United States] and hot drug that has gotten a lot of press in terms of its potential for use in the emergency department that has been cited in the package insert since it first was approved by [...]

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Kcentra Administration

After the inclusion of Kcentra to the armamentarium for acute reversal of anticoagulation, a few practical issues have come up that are worth sharing. 1) Product contents:Depending on the products previously used at a given institution (here it was Profilnine), there are several differences in the contents compared to Kcentra. One particular of note is that Kcentra contains approximately 40 units of heparin for every 500 FIX units.  Therefore a patient could receive anywhere from [...]

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